Live Data Backup

Not having a system that backups your critical files is like playing Russian Roulette, Don't play games with your Data.

Our System Offers You

  • Automated backup of all your targeted files and folders.
  • Unlimited user accounts with shared drive.
  • Peace of mind knowing your backup is always up to date.
  • Access your backup from anywhere at anytime.
  • Bank level security on all servers 
  • Works with Windows, Mac and mobile operating systems.

Some of the devices we can backup for you

"Set Up Your Automated Backup Now And You Won't Need Our Recovery Services."

We still have customers who remove important Data from their system (because they are stuck for space) and put it on portable memory products and call it a backup! This is the first step they will take towards losing that Data because, 1) it is not a backup if you only have 1 instance of it, 2) portable memory products fail very easily, 3) somebody will propably overwrite it, these are the most common reasons that we see on a weekly basis, portable media is great for moving files between devices but not for long term storage.

Do You Need A Live Backup System For Your Files?

We can build a custom system to your requirments.

This System would suit Photographers, Graphic Desighers and Small Business Owners.

  • 8 TB Inside Synced To 8 TB On-Line.  
  • 24-7 Access To All Your Files.
  • Add Unlimted Extra PCs And Laptops 
  • Large File Sharing Between Users
  • UK Based Super Secure Servers.
Or we can upgrade your current system with a HDD to suit your file storage needs. 

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